Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Here are the final few photos from my camera.  You will see that the rainbow has come out well.  Over and out!

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End of Jacsfrenchhols for this year…

It’s the end of the holiday which means clearing-up and packing day.  Not much fun in that :(  Fortunately a trip into the port for a Pizza :) :) :) :) was planned and in amongst all the necessary tidying, time was found for pool games.  All four children now take a turn at potting.  It was a late journey on the ferry then a long drive home so it was the middle of the night when the children finally fell into their beds.  Let’s hope they slept in a bit on Saturday.  They will be very excited about seeing Mummy.

Going Day

I know its early in the morning.  Soon we are going to wash the car then going on the obstacle course.  Then we are going for a pizza at lunch-time.  We are leaving at half past 8 in the evening.  The next day Lola and Ruby are coming for lunch.

first sea food supper

Today we had breakfast then had hot chocolate.  Then went to the beach and had a lovely picnic that granny made. Then we came home and had a sea food supper then had pudding.  Pudding was strawberry tart.

Pottering Stuff

The weather isn’t being so generous this week.  Yesterday was fine, today wet and windy which at least was good for the kiting party.  Amelie, Charlie and I played pool (you pot whichever colour you like in whichever order, including the white and black) and made chocolate fairy cakes.

Yesterday JACS went to La Hougue for beach, playground and ice-cream time.  We invited Sam’s friend Max to our BBQ.  Max’s mother, Fanny, was concerned that Max might not eat well.  She need not have worried.  It all went.

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Kite Day (post by Joel)

Today we went to the beach again and went carting with a kite.  With a boy called Lucas.  When we came home we had lunch then a cake.We made chipping’s at the beach.  We found some pebbles, then put them on a stone then dropped another stone on them to try and break them.  It was really good when they were flat – some just broke in half but some were flat.

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Amelie and Charlie At Sea

Yesterday we had a roast dinner.  In the afternoon just Amelie and Charlie went for a trip on Grandpa’s boat.  It was bumpy, especially when Grandpa went fast!  “We both liked it fast”!!  Amelie says: “After tea we played pool with Granny and this morning I played with Lukie and I got four balls in”. I had fish for breakfast.  Today we are going to the beach because it is sunny :) :) :) :) :)

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